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Sturtevant Richmont 1250 Exacta 2

Capacity 25 / 75 / 150 / 250 / 400 / 600 lbf·ft

Ultimate Flexibility

The 1250 series Exacta 2 Torque and Angle digital torque wrench gives you ultimate control over the most exacting torque specifications. The all new 1250 series Exacta 2 digital torque and angle wrench is built on the same design that has given the 1100 and 1200 series Exacta 2 digital torque wrenches the reputation as the most accurate, reliable and durable digital torque wrenches available.

The 1250 Series brings greater certainty for torque application on your safety critical joints. Using both torque and angle of rotation in different combinations provides greater control over the final torque outcome. Our Torque And Angle web page provides more information on how combining torque and angle along with our Global 400 or Global 400mp provides added safety and quality control in your assemblies.

In addition to torque and angle, the new 1250 series Exacta 2 provides additional error proofing by guidance with a vibrating handle that supplements the visual and auditory operator guidance that is already available.



  • Bi-directional ± 1% Indicated Value from 20% to 100% of tool capacity.
  • Meets/exceeds the ASME and ISO standards.
  • Angle measurements include: Torque to Angle (T2A), Torque with Angle Monitoring (TAM), Residual Torque (RES), Prevailing Torque Mode (PTM).
  • Also operates in Peak Mode with no angle measurements.
  • Included with the 1250 series wrenches are two single cartridge batteries and charger. One battery can be charging while the other is in use.
  • Vibrating handle when the target torque and angle values are reached.
  • Programmable wrench display "lighting sequence" works with both torque and angle. Within the engineering specifications, a target can be set to acknowledge target achieved feedback with display color change and handle vibration.
  • Up to four tools can operate simultaneously with the Global 400/400mp.
  • Robust radio communication resumes, the wrench automatically uploads all missed P-Set data.
  • The wrench automatically recalibrates for P-Sets requiring different head lengths.
  • Wrenches are available with our traditional fixed ratchet, pin/spring dovetail, optional quick change (QC) dovetail with access to well over 100 interchangeable heads.


Compatible Products

Fully compatible with Global 400 and Global 400mp controller where multiple tools with simultaneous uses are needed. The 1250 series Exacta 2 does not communicate with the Global 8, PTV or TCV.


Why Torque and Angle?

Torque with angle measurement provides a significantly more accurate and repeatable clamp load from one assembly to the next.


Traceability and Digital Data Capture

Provides digital date/time stamped documentation on every fastening achieved with our wireless tools.

1250 Exacta 2
Model Item No. Torque
1250 Exacta 25 R10652 34 25 300 Dovetail
1250 Exacta 75 R10653 100 75 900 Dovetail
1250 Exacta 150 R10654 200 150 1800 Dovetail
1250 Exacta 250 R10659 340 250 3000 Dovetail
1250 Exacta 250 R R10655 340 250 3000 1/2 R
1250 Exacta 400 R10656 540 400 4800 Dovetail
1250 Exacta 400 R R10671 540 400 4800 3/4 R
1250 Exacta 600 R R10657 800 600 7200 3/4 R

Exacta2 with Quick Change Dovetail Head (QC)

For those applications where rapid and frequent head size changes are required SR offers the Quick Change heads. The regular dovetail use the pin and spring embedded in the dovetail. The Quick Change dovetail uses a ball bearing and spring which facilitates the use of thumb power. Rather than using a small, flat head screwdriver or our CART tool to depress the pin and remove the head, at customer request SR designed these wrenches to make a head change only using pressure from your thumb. Everything had a trade off. While the QC style dovetail makes interchangeable head changes very fast, size and torque limitations come into play. We recommend that you use heads of 1 1/4 inches or smaller and 250 ft lbs / 339 Nm is the highest torque level where the QC configuration can be used. Your safety is always our concern.

1250 Exacta 2 QC
Model Item No. Torque Range*
Torque Range*
Torque Range*
1250 Exacta 25 QC R10666 25 300 34 Dovetail QC
1250 Exacta 75 QC R10667 75 900 100 Dovetail QC
1250 Exacta 150 QC R10668 150 1800 200 Dovetail QC
1250 Exacta 250 QC R10669 250 3000 340 Dovetail QC
* The requirements and testing methods of the DIN EN ISO 6789 are valid for the rated output (capacity) for a measuring range from 20% to 100%.

A torque tool should be selected so that it is mainly used in its medium torque range. If you had to work regularly close to the maximum load capacity, a larger model should be chosen to prevent risk of overtorquing.

All specifications without guarantee, errors and omissions excepted.

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