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Torque Systems

Crane Auto-TXD-Switching-Box

for upto 5 torque transducers

Connecting up to 5 torque sensors/transducers


The auto transducer switching box from Crane enables up to 5 torque transducers to be connected to either the TorqueStar or the IQVu series of torque data collectors simultaneously. The auto switching box enables the user to select each transducer individually through the data collector’s menu system.


The connectors are numbered 1 to 5, each with its own LED light which identifies to the operator which torque transducer is currently active. A further LED light on the box illuminates if no torque transducers are connected.


The auto switching box eliminates the need to manually connect and disconnect torque transducers to your torque data collector when required and the TorqueStar and IQVu will also suggest the most suitable torque transducer from the available information.


Key Features


  • Allows up to 5 transducers to connect simultaneously to a data collector
  • Easily select and change the active transducer automatically
  • LED light identification system

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