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Crane IQWrench2 Opta

Capacity 10 / 25 / 75 / 120 / 180 / 340 / 600 / 750 / 1500 Nm

...much more than a digital torque & angle wrench


Built on the success of the IQWrench Opta, the IQWrench2 Opta combines all of the features of a high specification digital torque wrench with a data collection system in one ergonomic, versatile and incredibly powerful package.


Significant improvements to the highly sophisticated software ensure that the IQWrench2 Opta provides the world-class performance and reliability that Crane products are renowned for. This software can be upgraded at any time, increasing flexibility. The IQWrench2 Opta can be configured to fulfil the customer’s needs from a basic tool to an advanced data collection system. The rugged construction of this powerful torque tool ensures this wrench stands up to the demands of today’s harsh production environments.


Key Features


  • Torque Ranges from 1 up to 1500 Nm (depending on model)
  • Point of load insensitive
  • Class leading accurate torque and angle measurement technology
  • Automatic detection of fastener “move-on” for reduced operator influence
  • Interchangeable head attachments with automatic digital identification and calibration adjustment
  • High visibility and tactile feedback to the user
  • Robust construction designed for the production environment
  • Ergonomic design, sized for optimal operator experience
  • Multiple communication protocol options via wireless communications
  • Integral barcode reader option available
  • FOD (Foreign Object Debris) compliant for use in the Aerospace & Automotive industries


ID heads


Not only is the selection of quick release interchangeable heads simple and convenient with the IQWrench2 Opta, it is also robust and accurate. The use of available automatic digital ID heads, used to adjust the calibration and compensate for changes in length, ensures a highly accurate reading every time. ID heads can also be used for automatic job selection which minimises the input required by the operator. The Crane auto ID system can be fitted to standard DIN heads and offers over 999 unique IDs.

IQ Wrench2 Opta – 'DIN' Head ( S9 / S14 )
Model Torque Range N·m Insert Rectangle SQD Head inch Length mm Weight kg
IQWrench2 Opta - 10 Nm - DIN Head 2 - 10 9·12 1/4 313 0.89
IQWrench2 Opta - 25 Nm - DIN Head 5 - 25 9·12 1/4 368 0.96
IQWrench2 Opta - 75 Nm - DIN Head 15 - 75 9·12 3/8 382 1.03
IQWrench2 Opta - 120 Nm - DIN Head *) 24 - 120 14·18 3/8 n. a. n. a.
IQWrench2 Opta - 180 Nm - DIN Head 36 - 180 14·18 3/8 600 1.55
IQWrench2 Opta - 340 Nm - DIN Head 68 - 340 14·18 1/2 775 2.01
IQWrench2 Opta - 600 Nm - DIN Head 120 - 600 14·18 1/2 1100 3.50

*) with Advanced only.

IQ Wrench2 Opta – Fixed Head
Model Torque Range N·m Head Sq Drv Length mm Weight kg
IQW2 Opta 10 Nm - Fixed Head 2 - 10 1/4 313 0.89
IQW2 Opta 750 Nm - Fixed Head 15 - 750 3/4 1165 5.60
IQW2 Opta 1500 Nm - Fixed Head 300 - 1500 1 1908 10.9

The table shows the torque ranges specified by the manufacturer. Usage in the medium range (approx. 1/3 to 4/5 of rated capacity) is recommended. If you would regularly work close to the load capacity limit, a larger tool may be ergonomically more advantageous.


All technical data without guarantee, errors and omissions excepted.



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