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OMS Lite is our NEW and intuitive torque management software package, in a more compact and easy-to-use format. OMS Lite offers a new and updated interface, following our recognisable and user-friendly icon-based navigation system for faster speed of use, ideal for production process and quality verification as well as assembly tool auditing.


The torque software is also quick and easy to install and simple to configure for users, making it our most efficient and uncomplicated torque software package to date. Used in conjunction with Crane’s existing portfolio of torque measurement products, OMS Lite is able to provide the perfect quality system for periodic sampling of both residual and dynamic torque and angle measurements.


With features such as ‘Jobs’, ‘Rounds’, torque traces and reports, it’s the ideal software system to manage all of your critical assembly tool and quality audit data, in one place.


With colour-coded data results and graphs, OMS Lite makes it simple to view and understand critical data. All visible data and reports can be filtered and configured to show only the required information for all reports, which can be downloaded to Excel or PDF at the click of a button.


Key Features


  • Single database to store all torque information from all departments
  • All data is completely traceable and secure
  • User-friendly operation with intuitive icons for mouse or touch screen functionality
  • SQL Compact database with the ability to use full SQL features on a server if required
  • Selection of Excel reports with graphs come as standard
  • Bespoke reports are available upon request, designed by Crane Electronics
  • Trace functionality available as standard with the ability to overlay multiple torque curves
  • Management of all audit tooling – transducers, wrenches and data collectors/readouts


PC Requirements


  • The user must ensure that their machine operates on Windows® 10 to properly run OMS Lite software.


Order Code


  • C718348 = OMS Lite

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