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Crane ReadStar TT

Capacity 0.5 / 1 / 4 / 12 / 30 Nm

The new and improved ReadStar TT torque tester from Crane Electronics is ideal for the concise measurement and collection of assembly tool torque audit data within manufacturing and quality environments.


The basic, easy-to-use readouts include a built-in torque transducer and has a variety of measurement modes including track, peak, pulse and click. The ReadStar TT can be used as a portable device or fixed permanently using the mounting bars.


The new and improved torque tester incorporates a bigger and clearer OLED screen display to view readings and results and the redesigned, easy to use keypad offers a familiar feel with simple function keys to effortlessly switch between modes and settings.


The new internal memory now allows for a massive 999 readings to be stored and the addition of a new micro USB port allows for a wider range of connections for printing and exporting data. The new port also allows for additional power options alongside the general 5V power supply and internal battery option for added portability.


For optimal power management, the ReadStar TT automatically switches to the highest voltage power source to save on battery life, yet still giving the option to pick it up and unplug to seamlessly run on battery power.


The ReadStar TT is supplied with a built-in transducer and a standard rundown adapter, and is available in 0.5Nm, 1Nm, 4Nm, 12Nm and 30Nm ranges. A premium joint kit is also available, sold seperately.

Key Features


  • Easy to operate for fast and accurate torque readings and assembly tool auditing
  • Memory for 999 date- and time-stamped readings for complete traceability
  • Easy download of all measurement readings to a PC
  • 3-colour LED indication of torque measurement status
  • Choice of measurement modes including track, peak, pulse and click
  • Clear easy-read white OLED screen for basic torque data readings and alerts
  • Automatically switches to highest voltage power source (mains/USB/batteries)


Scope of Delivery


  • ReadStar TT
  • Standard Joint-Kit
  • 2 Alkaline batteries type C 'Baby' (IEC R14)
  • Operating manual
  • Traceable calibration certificate (UKAS)


Optional Spares & Accs


  • TAXXA-00NN-CRRAXX = Additional Standard rundown adaptor (*)
  • TAXXA-00NN-CRJKXX = Premium Joint-Kit (*)
  • TAXXS-00NN-CRRASX = Replacement parts kit for standard rundown adaptor (*)
  • TAXXS-00NN-CRJKSX = Replacement parts kit for premium Joint-Kit (*)


(*) Where ‘NN’ appears in the product code above, replace with the Nm size required e.g. 01, 04, 12 or 30. (Please note: the 0.5Nm ReadStar TT utilises a 1Nm rundown adapter or joint kit)

ReadStar TT
Model Item No. Torque Range [N·m] Torque Range [lbf·in] Weight [kg]
RSTT2-X0.5-CRXXXX C718490 0.05 - 0.5 0.44 - 4.4 n.a.
RSTT2-0001-CRXXXX C718491 0.1 - 1.0 0.88 - 8.8 n.a.
RSTT2-0004-CRXXXX C718492 0.4 - 4.0 3.5 - 35 n.a.
RSTT2-0012-CRXXXX C718493 1.2 - 12 10.6 - 106 n.a.
RSTT2-0030-CRXXXX C718494 3.0 - 30 26.5 - 265 n.a.

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