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Crane TorqueStar Lite

Torque Data Collector, Accuracy ± 0.25%

Basic Indicator and Data Collector


The TorqueStar Lite is the latest basic torque data collector in the revolutionary TorqueStar series, offering a simple and easy-to-use solution for the measurement and collection of torque data.


The TorqueStar Lite is ideal for users who want a quick and straight-forward ‘plug-and-play’ product with the added precision that the Crane Electronics brand guarantees.


The clear and sharp OLED screen on the TorqueStar Lite enables easy-to-view data and statistics. It also has an added screen-saving ability to ensure there is no screen burn-in damage.


The easy-to-use function keys offer simple operation of the TorqueStar Lite, including ‘Measurement Modes’ to switch between the numerous measurement modes, ‘Statistics/Results’ to view all of the current collected data results, View to quick view the readings taken, ‘Delete’ to clear and remove selected results and data and ‘Settings’ to view and edit the TorqueStar Lite configurations.


Key Features


  • Static accuracy ± 0.25% FSD of connected transducer.
  • Multiple measurement modes including track, peak, pulse and click.
  • Strong, durable and robust, perfect for the manufacturing and quality environment.
  • Simple setup and easy operation for a clear and concise torque measurement process.
  • Includes a white OLED screen for basic torque data readings and alerts.
  • LED torque status indicators with audible buzzer notification.
  • User swappable long life battery and up to 999 readings available in storage.
  • Easy selectable data output via micro USB port.


Scope of Supply


  • TorqueStar Lite w battery
  • 5V DC charger
  • Neck strap
  • USB cable
  • Quick Start Guide (with QR code link to operator’s manual)
  • Calibration Certificate (NAMAS/UKAS)


Order Code


  • C718480 = TorqueStar Lite (TSLIX-0000-CRXXXX)


Options, Accs & Spares


  • C718479 = Hard plastic case with foam insert (TSXXA-0000-CRTXXX)
  • C718485 = Rechargeable battery (TSXXA-0000-CRBXXX)
  • C718486 = External charger (TSXXA-0000-CRCXXX)
  • C718487 = Mains Adaptor PSU (TSXXA-0000-CRPXXX)

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