Industrial Tools
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ACTION® Sleeve Drive Socket

for Japanese impulse tools

Sleeve Drive Sockets have been developed by Action at the request of Yokota to improve the quality of a joint tightened with impulse wrenches. Sleeve Drive Sockets minimize play between socket and tool thus reducing "wobble" and stabilizing the torque setting. The use of Sleeve Drive Sockets is not only of benefit to the actual joint but also reduces vibration to the tool and operator, also reduces noise levels and tool wear.



  • The „wobble“ is reduced
  • Tightening torques are even more accurate
  • Wear sets in much later
  • Noise level and vibration are reduced
  • The health of the worker is treated
Female Torx® – S
Model Item No. TX L
KH3/8-E5 300410 E5 43 8 19 4,5
KH3/8-E6 300411 E6 43 9 19 5
KH3/8-E7 300412 E7 43 9,5 19 6
KH3/8-E8 300413 E8 43 11 19 6,5
KH3/8-E10 300414 E10 43 13 19 7,5
KH3/8-E11 300415 E11 43 14 19 8
KH3/8-E12 300416 E12 43 15,5 19 8,5
KH3/8-E14 300417 E14 43 17,5 22 10
KH3/8-E16 300418 E16 43 18,5 22 11
All specifications without guarantee, errors and omissions excepted.

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