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Crane Opta Comms

for Opta test equipment (Crane)

Entry level torque audit software package

For customers using products in the Opta range for data collection, Opta Comms enables torque jobs (characteristics) to be created quickly and easily on a PC. These characteristics can then be downloaded to all the products of the Opta platform for data collection in the workplace; whether it is a data collector, TorqueStar Opta or a fully integrated digital wrench, ProWrench Opta.

  • Bi-directional communication between PC and products of the Opta platform.
  • Statistical calculations (Cp/Cpk, Cm/Cmk, range and x-bar).
  • Download of run-down graphs products to MS Excel.
  • Archiving of torque data for traceability.
  • Customise to user specific vocabulary.
  • Real time display of torque reading using Autoprint capture feature.
  • Shift reading count giving shift "OK" or "NOK" totals.

Up to 20,000 readings can be stored in time and data stamped subgroups against up to 250 individual characteristics identified by names, such as tool serial number or operation number. A complete list of torque characteristics or “rounds” can be created on the PC and transferred to the Opta unit, giving the operator a “to do” list which can also include a “flag & action” functions.

All data can be quickly and simply uploaded back to the PC or Crane’s web enabled torque management system Control Opta. To reduce downtime in multi-site organisations, Crane offers Control Opta which is a web enabled torque management system with real time audit status.

Data stored within the Opta Comms programme can be analysed and basic statistics calculations performed such as range, mean and sigma of selected data. Furthermore, data can be transferred quickly to 3rd party packages such as MS Excel, MS Access, ASCII and SPC applications.

Using Opta Comms in conjunction with an Opta unit gives an entry level torque audit package offering a complete solution from readout to data archiving.

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