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Red Rooster RRI-ST series

Torque Range 7 - 68 Nm

Standard Shut-Off Impulse Wrench

Red Rooster impulse wrenches are driven by a double chamber air motor. This motor generates a high number of pulses per second. Thus the torque is reached even faster, the tightening times are shortened and at the same time the repeatability is increased.

The power output is delivered by a Twin-Drive Roller Blade Pulse Unit. This special designed mechanism reduces noise and vibration levels and improves the effectiveness of the pulses. The cost-effectiveness is increased by the simplified design of the rotor cylinder and the front plate.

The reduced weight and improved balance of the impulse wrench makes it easier to use even in places that are difficult to access. The ergonomically optimized design facilitates one-handed operation and relieves the operator‘s wrist. This significantly reduces the risk of tissue diseases such as RSI or similar.



  • Hydraulic impulse unit with X-Shape sealing improves repeatability.
  • Easy torque adjustment.
  • Faster power development due to double-chamber air motor with high number of pulses.
  • Reduced workload due to reduced vibration and low noise levels.
  • Smooth-running trigger.
  • Reduced air consumption – reduced CO2 emission.


Included Items

  • Impulse Wrench
  • Adjusting Key
  • Operating Instructions
RRI-ST series
Model Order No. SqDrv
Torque Range
Air Cons.
Noise Level
RRI 30 ST 510110 3/8 7 - 12.5 M6 3.7 0.8 2.6 78
RRI 40 ST 510120 3/8 11 - 19 M6 - M8 3.7 0.8 2.9 78
RRI 50 ST 510130 3/8 16 - 27 M8 5.3 0.8 3 80
RRI 60 ST 510140 3/8 22 - 35 M8 - M10 6.2 0.86 3.4 80
RRI 70 ST 510150 3/8 31 - 47 M10 6.2 0.97 3.7 80
RRI 80 ST 510160 3/8 40 - 68 M10 - M12 n.a. 1.15 4 82
All specifications without guarantee, errors and omissions excepted.

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