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SR Torque Tool Manager (TTM)

PC software for Sturtevant Richmont digital torque testers

The Perfect Database for the Control of Torque Tool Calibration


Torque tool calibration causing challenges in your operation? Sturtevant Richmont digital torque testers and Torque Tool Manager 4.0 are your answer. 


Sturtevant Richmont's Torque Tool Manager 4.0 software is calibration and certification specifically designed to work with System 8® and Torq-Tronics 2® Digital Torque Testers. It is also backward compatible, so it also works with Torq-Tronics, System 4/5, and System 6.


TTM 4.0 fulfills your TS 16949 and ISO 17025 requirements. TTM 4.0 gives you a robust database about your torque tools and it also allows you to print Calibration Certificates. You can also track past and future calibration dates.


TTM 4.0 keeps records for each tool, including calibration date, serial number, tester and transducer serial numbers, and operator identification. It also tracks "As Found" and "As Left" test results. NIST traceability numbers and all other data requirements for ISO and QS compliance are covered. 


TTM 4.0 error-proofs calibration procedures and virtually eliminates retesting due to operator error. TTM 4.0 downloads the proper test protocol to your SR tester and sets up the tester for the tool. It only accepts results that are in line with the test protocol. Errors resulting from failure to follow the programmed test procedure are automatically rejected.


Your error-proofing program starts with calibration. If your calibration program is introducing variables into the system they are magnified down-stream and your quality suffers. When this happens companies typically see the direct result in the rework and warranty costs. 


You can try Torque Tool Manager 4.0, at no cost, for 30 days. At the end of 30-day free trial, the program authorizes all data and the trial copy suspends. If you decide to buy the program, you'll need to contact Sturtevant Richmont to get a license key. 


Features and Characteristics


  • Stores standard calibration routine specifications and protocols that can be downloaded to the tester for immediate use in tool testing.
  • Allows you to create and store custom calibration routines for use on tools with non-standard requirements.
  • Virtually eliminates retesting due to tester setup error; the downloaded specifications perform the preparation for the test.
  • The software will only accept test results consonant with the requirements; failure to follow the test protocol causes immediate software response and technician notification!
  • The software stores the results of each calibration test, including: Calibration Date, Tool Serial Number, Tester Serial Number, Transducer Serial Number, Operator, “As Found” Test Results, “As Left” Test Results, NIST Traceability Numbers, And all other test data required for ISO and QS compliance!
  • TTM displays the results of each test immediately upon receipt from the SR tester! It records, analyzes, and displays updated information and “Pass” or “Fail” for each test.
  • TTM schedules future calibrations based on user-selectable calibration intervals, and provides a list of torque tools due for calibration!


Technical Information


  • Runs on Windows® 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10.
  • Requires serial port for connection to the tester.


Order Code


  • R10599 = TTM 4

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