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Sturtevant Richmont 1350 TD

Capacity 80 lbf·in // 100 ozf·in

The only wireless digital torque and angle screwdriver on the market!


The 1350 Series TD Digital Torque and Angle Torque Drivers bring a new level of torque control and accuracy to your low torque applications. Here is a quick list of features that help make your low torque applications error-free.


The 1350 Series TD is compatible with the Global 400 and Global 400mp torque process monitors/controllers. This is a highly versatile torque driver that will make a big impact in your assemblies. Perfect for lower torque applications when you need accuracy and traceability.


All torque and angle settings are set using the Global 400 or Global 400mp. Error proofing feature: parameters cannot be set using the buttons on the torque screwdriver. This prevents any inadvertent P-Set changes and protects your assembly process integrity. You can pair this tool with multiple P-Sets at different torque or torque and angle values because it is a digital tool. This can be used to replace multiple preset tools.


TAM function (Torque and Angle Monitoring) provides you with "double hit" protection. If a fastener reaches torque without the required degrees of rotation the fastener is rejected as non-compliant. Torque and angle functionality can also alert the operator if a gasket or washer is missing because it shows changing joint conditions.


Green = OK,  Red = NOK


On the 1350 TD the color of the display on the Global 400 or 400mp corresponds to the light band on tool. Visible from any angle, light band on the driver turns yellow, then green, the driver beeps, and the handle vibrates when target torque is achieved.


The display back light is visible when torque is applied. Displays the torque and angle value on the digital display on the screwdriver. The female hexagon version, as well as the male square drive version, gives you the flexibility to meet all of your torque driver application needs.


Key Features


  • Bi-directional ± 2% Indicated Value from 5% to 100% of tool capacity.
  • Meets/exceeds ASME B107.300-2010 and EN ISO 6789.
  • Angle measurements include: Torque to Angle (T2A), Torque with Angle Monitoring (TAM), Residual Torque (RES), Prevailing Torque Mode (PTM).
  • Also operates in Peak Mode with no angle measurements.
  • Powered by 1 AA NiMH rechargeable battery. The TD ships with two NiMH rechargeable batteries. One battery can be charging while the other is in use.
  • Vibrating handle when the target torque and angle values are reached.
  • Units of measure: in-oz, in-lb, ft-lb, cNm, Nm, cmkg.
  • Up to four tools can operate simultaneously with the Global 400/400mp.
  • Robust XBee radio 2.4 GHz – 12 broadcast channels to optimize radio connectivity.
  • Password protected.
  • Comes with a Certificate of Calibration from Sturtevant Richmont's ISO 17025 Accredited Laboratory – accredited in both torque and angle.


Shipping List


  • Torque driver 1350 TD
  • 2 x AA NiMH rechargeable battery 1.2 V
  • Traceable NIST Calibration Certificate ISO/IEC 17025
  • Operating manual


Optional Components


  • R21258 = 4 ea pack NiMH batteries
  • R10740 = 4 slot battery charger
  • R10741 = 8 slot battery charger
  • R10769 = L-Grip for 80 Model
1350 TD
Model Item No. Torque Range cN·m Torque Range lbf·in Torque Range ozf·in Female Hex Drv Male Sq Drv
1350 TD 100 R10772 3.5 - 70 5 - 100 1/4"
1350 TD 80 R10770 45 - 900 4 - 80 1/4"
1350 TDM 80 R10771 45 - 900 4 - 80 1/4"

The requirements and verification procederes of the DIN EN ISO 6789 are valid for a measuring range from 20% to 100% of the rated capacity (maximum value). The effective span of a torque tool may differently begin lower.

All specifications without guarantee, errors and omissions excepted.

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