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Sturtevant Richmont DTC

Capacity 4 / 25 / 75 / 150 / 250 lbf·ft

Digital Torque & Angle Wrench


Sturtevant Richmont has long been known for torque wrenches that can stand up to the rigors of the industrial world. Part of that legendary durability comes from size. The DTC is our newest digital torque and angle wrench. This is a great audit or assembly tool, with built in innovation. This is our first non-radio equipped torque and angle wrench.


We've taken the transducer from the Exacta 2 Series wrench and placed in the body of our CCM wrench. It is now half the weight of an Exacta Series wrench and the slimmer profile gives you access to points that may have been difficult to reach with an Exacta. We packed in some great features like torque and angle modes of operation. The result is a tool is like no other. Agile. Slim. Lightweight.


In line with SR's systems approach to error proofing, you cannot set the wrench to a torque value beyond the wrench capacity. This is just one of the many features that are built into the DTC.


The DTC has a b/w display and colored light bands on the side of the wrench. Those bands change yellow to green when the target values are achieved. An auditory beep and the handle vibrates provide two additional modes of operator focused error proofing guidance.


The DTC results log is large enough for even the busiest assemblies. Using the mini-USB port, and DTC Connect Freeware, the results log can be uploaded to a computer in a CSV format. DTC Connect can be used to set parameters in the wrench. You can change units of measure, modes of operation, degrees of fastener rotation, establish a target torque, minimum torque, maximum torque and more.


Five Modes of Operation


  • TAM – Torque and Angle Monitoring identifies changing joint conditions and quickly identifies attempts to tightened previously tightened fasteners, or a "double hit."
  • T2A – Torque to Angle (for highly engineered assemblies).
  • Track – Displays torque values as torque is being applied. (No angle measurement).
  • Peak – Provides the reading of the highest torque value created during torque application. (No angle measurement).
  • Residual – Measures existing torque on previously tightened fasteners.


Key Features


  • Meets/exceeds ASME B107.300-2010 and ISO 6789 requirements.
  • Edit parameters via wrench keypad or via DTC Connect Freeware.
  • 99 presets, numbered 01-99, optionally named via serial command with up to 16-character names.
  • Lockable settings (and presets), via 4-digit password.
  • Feedbacks status via light bands on both sides, auditable beep and vibrating handle.
  • Export results log in csv format via Mini-USB port.
  • Independent from charging station. Works with rechargeable NiMH batteries, Lithium-Ion batteries, or Alkaline batteries.


Shipping List


  • DTC wrench
  • Rugged, blow-molded storage case
  • Square Drive Ratchet Head SDRT
  • AAA batteries (Micro)
  • Operating Instructions
  • Calibration Certificate ISO/IEC 17025
Model Item No. Torque Range [N·m] Torque Range [lbf·ft] Ovl Length [mm] Weight [kg] Head
DTC 4 R10680 1.1 - 5.5 0.8 - 4 402 0.47 Dovetail + SDRT 1/4
DTC 5 R10685 1.4 - 6.8 1 - 5 402 0.47 Dovetail + SDRT 1/4
DTC 25 R10681 6.8 - 34 5 - 25 432 0.52 Dovetail + SDRT 3/8
DTC 75 R10682 20 - 100 15 - 75 473 0.59 Dovetail + SDRT 3/8
DTC 150 R10683 40 - 200 30 - 150 562 0.68 Dovetail + SDRT 1/2
DTC 250 R10684 68 - 340 50 - 250 762 0.99 Dovetail + SDRT 1/2

NiMH batteries rated 1400 mAh to 2400 mAh are acceptable. Higher mAh ratings mean more cycles between recharge and longer recharge times. Unlike the Exacta series digital torque wrenches, the DTC can use alkaline, Ni-MH, or Lithium Ion batteries. Never mix types of batteries (e.g. never combine alkaline and Ni-MH batteries, or Ni-MH and Lithium Ion batteries) and never mix new and old batteries in the DTC. The DTC uses three AAA batteries in a cartridge.


The table shows the torque ranges specified by the manufacturer. Usage in the medium range (approx. 1/3 to 4/5 of rated capacity) is recommended. If you would regularly work close to the load capacity limit, a larger tool may be ergonomically more advantageous.


All technical data without guarantee, errors and omissions excepted.


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