Industrial Tools
Torque Systems

Sturtevant Richmont Grip Extension

for 3000 lbf·in (340 Nm) torque wrench capacity and below

for SR Preset Clicker Torque Wrenches


This customizable extension was designed in response to your requests for longer tools. It gives you the ability to add up to 7” of length to your tool, with the actual length chosen by you to meet your needs.


This handle extension is actually a two-piece kit consisting of:

    • A threaded adapter that attaches to the back of your SR preset torque wrenches using the existing buttress threads. This adapter is designed to work with all SR preset torque wrenches of 3000 inch pounds capacity and below.
    • A 7.5” long solid handle extension that can be cut down to as little as 0.5” long.
    • A new SR Comfort Grip to slide over the handle extension after you have customized it.




! Changing the grip length changes the torque output; check and set the torque after installing the extension ! (see FAQ: Lever length effects tightening torque)


Compatible Tools


  • Series LTC / LTCR / LTCS
  • Series TC
  • Series SLTC
  • Series SLTC-FM


What about the handle? It looks like foam, is it?

The outer grip on our LTC (limiting torque control) wrenches is made from PVC foam. This preset click wrench comes with an inner and outer grip. The inner grip is Sturtevant Richmont blue and you can see a small portion of the inner grip, giving it a stylish look.

The inner grip is made from Plastisol and has a Durometer rating of A65 +/-5. The outer grip comfort factor owes its characteristics to the PVC Foam construction. The Durometer says it has a Shore rating A53 +/-5.

The slightly softer handle over the harder handle provides excellent grip control while making the tool very comfortable in the operator's hand.


Ordering Information


  • R853601 = Grip Extension Preset

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