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Sturtevant Richmont LTCE

straight or 15° angled

Extension Adaptor for Dovetail Torque Wrenches


These extensions are designed for use with series LTC preset torque wrenches. They can be used to extend the length of the tool when access to the fastener is difficult without the extra length. The preset torque wrench must always be preset after the extension and the fastener engagement interchangeable head have been attached.




  • 4 / 6 / 14 inch extension adaptors
  • SR dovetail connector with outstanding rigidity and wear resistance
  • Straight or 15° angled version available
  • Alloy steel, black finished


Torque Adjustment


If no torque tester is present, the wrench with attached extension and head is adjusted on the fastener to be tightened, using a measuring wrench for control.


If a torque tester is available and the required torque is within its measuring range, you can adjust the torque wrench with attached extension. If the required torque lies beyond the measuring range of your tester, you can calculate the adjustment as per margin.




Required Torque = 230 Nm, Attachment = 24 mm Box Head.


This torque value lies 15% beyond the rated capacity of the LTC 200 Nm. Therefore the wrench length LW must be extended at least by 15% likewise. Thus you could use a 100 mm extension and would be appropriate for something over this value. In this case would be: LW = 390 mm and LE = 100 mm.


S = (390·230) : (390+100) = 89700 : 490 = 183 Nm


Now you only need to adjust the LTC-200 Nm clicker wrench with attached 24 mm box head to 183 Nm on the tester, in order to receive the target torque of 230 Nm with subsequently attached extension of 100 mm length.

Model Item No. Angle
Max. Torque
Max. Torque
LTCE-4 R819424 - 300 34 101.6 28.6 20.6 28.6 9.5
LTCE-4-15 R819487 15 300 34 101.6 28.6 20.6 28.6 9.5
LTCE-6 R819467 - 800 90 152.4 31.8 20.6 28.6 9.5
LTCE-6-15 R819504 15 800 90 152.4 31.8 20.6 28.6 9.5
LTCE-14 R819021 - 800 90 355.6 44.5 25.4 38.1 9.5
All specifications without guarantee, errors and omissions excepted.

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