Industrial Tools
Torque Systems

Sturtevant Richmont LTCS

Capacity 6 / 17 / 34 / 85 / 200 / 400 / 800 Nm

Preset Clicker Type Torque Wrench with Fixed Square Drive


A practical, cost-effective assembly line option when a socket can be used! Preset Fixed Square Drive torque wrenches are ideal for any application where:

  • The fastener or fitting to be tightened can be engaged with a socket,
  • The same torque is to be applied repeatedly,
  • It is advisable to eliminate the possibility of having the operator set the wrong torque on the tool,
  • A limited amount of rotation (no ratcheting) is needed to achieve the desired torque,
  • High operator efficiency is needed,
  • Simplicity of operation is needed,
  • Very high durability is needed.


The torque is preset and locked in with a special tool, and tamper-resistant/tamper-evident seals can be installed. Torque can be set using any torque measurement/calibration device providing ± 1% accuracy or better. See our „Torque Measurement“ products.


The strong dimensioned torque spring is the very heart of this clicker wrench. With reaching the pre-set torque, the torque spring is squeezed slightly, and the hardwearing pawl is releasing the tool tang. An excellent tactile and audible impulse signals that the pre-set torque is achieved.


Key Features


  • Accuracy ± 4% of indicated value (within 20-100% of capacity).
  • Meets or exceeds ASME B107.300-2010 and EN ISO 6789.
  • Exeptional wear-resistant fixed square drive.
  • Thick-walled housing profile provides high long-term stability.
  • Torque adjustment via optional C.A.R.T. (p/n 819117).
  • Comfortable cushion grip plus light weight for excellent ergonomics.
  • Can be ordered preset from factory, or you can set the torque with your own torque tester.
Model Item No. Torque Range [lbf·in] Torque Range [N·m] Sq.Drv [inch] Weight [kg] Length [mm] Grip
LTCS 50i R810168 10 - 50 1.1 - 5.6 1/4 0.3 171 Soft
LTCS 150i R810170 30 - 150 3.4 - 17 3/8 0.3 171 Soft
LTCS 300i R810171 60 - 300 6.8 - 34 3/8 0.4 238 Soft
LTCS 750i R810172 150 - 750 17 - 85 3/8 0.6 338 Soft
LTCS 1800i R810174 360 - 1800 40 - 200 1/2 0.7 429 Soft
LTCS 3600i R810485 720 - 3600 80 - 400 3/4 2.5 637 MG
LTCS 7200i R810153 1440 - 7200 160 - 800 3/4 3.7 891 MG

The table shows the torque ranges specified by the manufacturer. Usage in the medium range (approx. 1/3 to 4/5 of rated capacity) is recommended. If you would regularly work close to the load capacity limit, a larger tool may be ergonomically more advantageous.


MG = Knurled Metal Grip.


All technical data without guarantee, errors and omissions excepted.

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