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Sturtevant Richmont Mechanical Loader

Capacity 250 / 600 / 1000 / 2000 lbf·ft

Essential for direct reading and high-capacity torque wrench calibration!


Mechanical loaders increase the accuracy ot torque test results while simultaneously reducing technician fatigue from pulling or pushing on torque wrenches during testing. A mechanical loader is the perfect accessory to increase the repeatability and productivity of the System 5 Digital Torque Tester.


The drive system for each loader assures true 90-degree force application to eliminate force angle error in testing. In addition, the loaders mechanical advantage reduces technician effort and fatigue, particularly in high-capacity tool testing. SR Mechanical Loaders use the highest quality ball screws to assure smooth operation and extended service life. Welded steel frames and rigid transducer mounting plates assure torque load is properly resisted. Optimized gearing selection reduces physical effort to operate, enhancing productivity and ergonomic safety.


The design of each loader makes it very easy to hold direct-reading torque tools (dial, beam and digital torque wrenches) at a specific and stable torque during testing. ML 250 and ML 600 loaders use a swing arm to rotate the tool about the center of the transducer, while ML 1000 and ML 2000 loaders hold the tool in a stable position and rotate the torque transducer around its center.


Key Features


  • All SR Mechanical Loaders feature true 90° force application to assure maximum accuracy.
  • SR mechanical loaders meet or exceed requirements for ASME B107.29M Type 1 loaders.
  • Four capacities available: 250, 600, 1000 and 2000 foot-pounds.
  • ML 250 accepts an optional Quad Plate for connecting and switching among up to four transducers quickly and efficiently.
  • ML 1000 and ML 2000 use the SR Quick Connect system for rapid switching among transducers.
  • Two sizes of cart are available for mounting the loader and holding the tester and transducers.


The Quad Plate enhances the efficiency of your System 4 or System 5 Digital Torque Tester when using an ML 250 Mechanical Loader. Up to four TT-Series or Series TT-P Torque Transducers can be mounted to the plate, and rotated into position as needed. When coupled with the Switch Box both mechanical and electrical changeover can be accomplished in seconds. The Switch Box connects up to four transducers to System 4 and System 5 Digital Torque Testers, and acts as a router among them. A simple rotary switch on the front panel permits changing the electrical connection in seconds.


The -P Series transducers (up to 250 foot-pound capacity) can be used with the ML 250. Special "QC" suffix transducers are pre-configured with adapter plates for use with the 1000 and 2000 foot-pound capacity loaders, and make transducer changeover a matter of seconds. This enhances accuracy, productivity, and safety.


Optional Accessories


  • R10161 = Standard Cart for ML-250
  • R10208 = Large Cart for ML-1000
  • R10308 = Quad Plate for ML-250
  • R10185 = 4-way Transducer Switch Box
Mechanical Loader
Model Item No. Torque
ML-250 R10160 250 339 3000 77 62 46 41
ML-600 R10431 600 813 7200 n. a. n. a. n. a. n. a.
ML-1000 R10167 1000 1355 12000 137 74 74 118
ML-2000 R10168 2000 2711 24000 229 74 86 163
All specifications without guarantee, errors and omissions excepted.

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