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Sturtevant Richmont SRA

Common Centre Line: 39 mm

Crowfoot Adaptor with Male Dovetail


There are times where you need the advantages of a flat beam torque wrench yet cannot use a socket on the fastener. The answer is the Crowfoot Adapter! It allows you to use a variety of SR interchangeable Heads with your flat beam torque wrench.


The SR Crowfoot Adapter is intended for use with SR Flat and Tapered Beam torque wrenches when a socket cannot be used to engage the fastener or component to be turned, and an SR Interchangeable Head can be used to engage the fastener or component.


When using a Crowfoot Adapter and Interchangeable Head on the wrench the torque output will be different from that shown on the scale of the wrench and the actual torque output must be calculated. The Crowfoot Adapter and Interchangeable Head must be mounted so that they are parallel to the beam of the wrench and are perpendicular to the base of the scale on the wrench.




  • Female square drive
  • Male dovetail attachment
  • Centre line 39 mm
  • Cast Alloy Steel, black finished
Model Item No. Sq.drv
Max. Torque
SRA-3/8 R850653 3/8 n. a. 25.4 12.7
SRA-1/2 R850655 1/2 n. a. 25.4 12.7
All specifications without guarantee, errors and omissions excepted.

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