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Sturtevant Richmont STA

Common Centre Line: misc

Dovetail Tooling Adaptor


The STA tooling adaptor is ideal, when you need to make a custom head and wish to use it with an SR interchangeable head torque wrench.


When the application requires a special head configuration the STA-Series adapters permit fabrication of a custom head specifially meeting the requirements of the application. Each head has the female dovetail connector required to fit SR interchangeable head torque wrenches.


  • Standard Tooling Adaptor for manufacturing of custom heads.
  • SR dovetail connector with outstanding rigidity and wear resistance.
  • Made from heat treated 4140 alloy steel, black finished.
  • On request we can supply special tool heads according to drawing and/or samples.


Caution When Creating and Using Custom Heads!


When creating custom heads to use with micrometer adjustable torque wrenches (CCM-Series tools) it is critical that the common centerline length be correct or the tool will not apply the indicated torque. When fabricating special heads to use with CCM-Series torque wrenches other than the CCM 300 and the CCM 400, the 1 7/16” common centerline length must be maintained. When fabricating special heads to use with the CCM 300 and CCM 400, a 3 7/8” common centerline length must be maintained.

Model Item No. Max. Torque
Max. Torque
STA-1 R819901 1600 181 23.8 14.5 6.4 19.1 17.5
STA-2 R819902 2500 282 30.2 22.2 8.7 28.6 20.6
STA-3 R809917 4800 542 38.1 38.1 12.7 38.1 25.4
All specifications without guarantee, errors and omissions excepted.

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