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Sturtevant Richmont TAC

Capacity 150 / 300 / 750 / 1800 lbf·in

Digital Torque and Angle Click Wrench


The TAC (digital torque and angle wrench) is really two wrenches in one. First, and foremost, it is a traditional mechanical click-wrench. When the preset torque value is achieved, the internal mechanism moves, striking the side of the flattened case. That creates a distinctive sound. The operator stops pulling when the wrench clicked, the LED flashes green, and the display on the Global 400 advances the batch count and flashes green. 


Although the wrench reports like a digital wrench, it is calibrated and set like a traditional preset click wrench. It does not change torque output based on a digital input. The torque value is changed by compressing or relieving the spring, just like a preset click wrench. After all, it is a click-wrench.


Note that there are two torque values shown on the Global 400 display. There is the "click" torque value, the point at which the wrench clicked. There is also the peak value. This is the point at which the operator stopped pulling. The display to the right also shows that the appropriate torque value was achieved 22 degrees of rotation after snug torque was achieved.


But what if the operator continued to pull? What then?

For example, the wrench clicked at 9.8 Newton Meters. But the operator continued to pull until the final torque was 17.3 Newton Meters. Both the TAC and the controller display flashed red, indicating NOK. The operator can now self-diagnose and determine exactly what he or she did to illicit the NOK. This is both error-proofing by guidance and error-proofing by behavior modification.


TAC is equipped with two LEDs. One LED is the traditional Green/Red for OK/NOK. The other LED is a blue LED that pulses when the tool becomes active and is ready for use. LED holds solid blue upon batch completion. Pulsing blue LED timing can be adjusted in the controller to help operators identify the active tool if there are multiple TAC wrenches in a work cell.


Key Features


  • Torque modes of operation include Click and Peak. Click reads the torque value at which the wrench clicked. Peak reads the highest applied torque value.
  • Operates in Torque and Angle Monitoring (TAM). Modes of operation are set in the controller and can be changed on a parameter-by-parameter basis. 
  • Accuracy of ± 4% of the indicated value between 20% and 100% of the rated torque capacity.
  • Equipped with two LEDs
    – Green/Red for OK/NOK.
    – Blue pulsing when tool is ready for use, solid upon batch completion.
  • Audible/tactile pulse when preset torque is achieved.
  • Powered by one AAA NiMH rechargeable battery. Ships with two NiMH rechargeable batteries. The charger is sold separately.
  • Fully compatible with the Global 400, Global 400mp, and the TCV e2 torque controllers.
  • Works with the Patented Holding Tool when used with the Global 400 or Global 400mp.
  • Access to over 200 interchangeable heads that all fit on the end of the Pin and Spring Dovetail. Heads "Lock On" to the Dovetail when the head is centered on the wrench.
Model Item No. Torque Range [lbf·in] Torque Range [N·m] Tool tang Length [mm] Weight [kg]
TAC 150 i R810712 30 - 150 4 - 17 Dovetail 180 0.37
TAC 300 i R810713 60 - 300 7 - 34 Dovetail 229 0.47
TAC 750 i R810714 150 - 750 17 - 85 Dovetail 326 0.64
TAC 1800 i R810715 360 - 1800 40 - 200 Dovetail 411 0.81
TAC 1800 i ERGO R810721 360 - 1800 40 - 200 Dovetail 516 1.02

The requirements and verification procederes of the DIN EN ISO 6789 are valid for a measuring range from 20% to 100% of the rated capacity (maximum value). The effective span of a torque tool may differently begin lower.

All specifications without guarantee, errors and omissions excepted.

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