Industrial Tools
Torque Systems

Tohnichi MTD

Capacity 1 / 2 / 5 / 10 mNm

Dial Indicating Torque Screwdriver with mNm scale

Tohnichi's MTD series torque screwdriver is suitable for inspection and tightening of very small screws, e.g. small torque motor shafts or the like. Torsion bar mechanism makes accurate measurement possible.


With bi-directional scale plate, it can be used for both retightening and loosening torque testing methods.


Applicable for international use including the EU region. Compliant with calibration procedures of ISO 6789 Type I Class D.


Key Features

  • Bi-directional scale
  • Accuracy ± 3%
  • Compliant to ISO 6789 type I class D
  • Bit insert #2 Tohnichi


Shipping List

  • Screwdriver MTD
  • Callibration Certificate (ISO/JIS)
  • Operating Manual
  • Special Bits Cross #0, Slotted 0.15x1, 0.2x1.5, 0.3x2



  • Alternatively with english units (ozf·in) available. Metric scale (gf·cm) on request.
Model Item No. Torque Range* mN·m Graduation mN·m Length mm Handle diam. mm Weight kg
MTD 1 MN T201065 0.1 - 1 0.02 109.5 8 0.022
MTD 2 MN T201067 0.3 - 2 0.05 99.5 8 0.021
MTD 5 MN T201069 0.5 - 5 0.1 99.5 8 0.021
MTD 10 MN T201072 1 - 10 0.2 132 8 0.023

* The requirements and verification procederes of the DIN EN ISO 6789 are valid for a measuring range from 20% to 100% of the rated capacity (maximum value). The effective span of a torque tool may differently begin lower.

All specifications without guarantee, errors and omissions excepted.

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