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Tohnichi RTDFH / RNTDFH Remote Signal Rotary Slip Torque Screwdriver

Capacity 120 / 260 / 500 cNm

Error-proofing (Pokayoke) Torque Screwdriver


When the set torque is reached, the rotary slip clutch is activated. At the same time, a signal that it has been fully tightened is transmitted by radio. The LED "feedback" system lights up in the handle blue for OK, red for NG (Not Good).

An R-CM receiver (successor to the R-FH256) can recognise the IDs of up to four torque tools. However, simultaneous transmissions are not supported. By using it, a "Poka Yoke" error prevention system can be easily implemented.


NEW: Upgraded products placed on the market in March 2024. Wireless communication range is from 20 to 30 meters (approximate), when in new communication mode. Battery life has significantly improved, from 300,000 to 550,000 shots. Can monitor transmitter battery voltage. Alerts when voltage drops below set voltage (only when operated in new communication mode). Maintenance alert function has been added. When the number you have set is reached, it alerts you it is time for a periodic calibration, etc. (information status March 2024)

Using the optional SB-FH2 setting box and setting software, communication settings for R-CM can be easily executed (wireless). The R-CM receiver can control the number of tightening operations of a torque spanner or torque screwdriver.


NEW: Use of an R-CM receiver or SB-FH2 wireless setting controller lets you switch to older communication mode. Even the R-FH256MC receiver, which was formerly used with the FH256MC transmitter, can receive signals. The recent upgrade lets you use the transmitter switch to check communication mode and switch between old and new modes. (information status March 2024)

The RTDFH / RNTDFH wireless screwdrivers comply with the telecommunication standards in Japan, USA, Canada, Thailand, Taiwan, Mexico, Vietnam, China, EU, South Korea, India and Singapore. (information status March 2024)

RNTDFH is preset using a torque tester. If you want preset delivery, please specify this in the order. This is available at no extra charge for initial delivery. When ordering an RNTDFH series model, please specify the Tohnichi model name and torque value [Example: RNTDFH120CNX90cN-m].


Key Features


  • Poka Yoke (error detection/prevention).
  • Communication range is from approx. 20 to 30 m (as of Mar 2024).
  • Wireless to improve workability.
  • 2-way communication, so operators can verify status.
  • Frequency hopping with high transmission reliability.
  • Standard 1/4" hex bits can be used (E 6.3).
  • Accuracy ± 3%, calibration compliant with EN ISO 6789.

Options / Accs / Spares


  • Setting Box SB-FH2.
  • Receiver R-CM.
  • RF module M-FH (2.4 GHz, 78 channels).
  • AC power supply BA-8R for connecting the R-CM to AC 100-240 Volts.
  • Multi-contact I/O box IO-CM doubles the input/output possibilities of the receiver R-CM.


Ordering examples


  • R-FHSET-AC is a set consisting of the radio module for FHM/FH, the receiver R-CM and the AC power supply BA-8R.
  • R-FHSET is a set consisting of the radio module for FHM/FH and the receiver R-CM.
RTDFH – Centi-Newtonmetre
Model Item No. Torque Range [cN·m] Graduation OvL [mm] Weight [kg]
RTDFH120CN T202013-FH 24 - 120 1 191 0.28
RTDFH260CN T202017-FH 52 - 260 2 208 0.38
RTDFH500CN T202020-FH 100 - 500 5 219 0.49
RTDFH – Pound-inch
Model Item No. Torque Range [lbf·in] Graduation OvL [mm] Weight [kg]
RTDFH10i T202016-FH 2 - 10 0.1 191 0.28
RTDFH22i T202019-FH 6 - 22 0.2 208 0.38
RTDFH40i T202022-FH 10 - 40 0.5 219 0.49
RNTDFH (preset)
Model Item No. T Range [cN·m] T Range [kgf·cm] T Range [lbf·in] OvL [mm] Weight [kg]
RNTDFH120CN T202104-FH 40 - 120 4 - 12 4 - 10 173 0.26
RNTDFH260CN T202105-FH 100 - 260 10 - 26 10 - 22 173 0.32
RNTDFH500CN T202106-FH 200 - 500 20 - 50 20 - 40 181 0.43

Table showing specifications by the manufacturer. It is recommended to primarily use in medium performance range (approx. 1/3 to 4/5 of rated capacity). If you regularly worked close to the limit of load (maximum capacity), a larger model or tool might be more advisable.


All specifications without guarantee, errors and omissions excepted.

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