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Tohnichi RTDLS

Capacity 120 / 260 / 500 cNm

Rotary Slip Torque Driver with Limit Switch


Error-proofing (Pokayoke) torque driver with limit switch output to eliminate missed tightening. Ideal for torque verification assembly processes. The toggle is activated when set torque is achieved. Rotary slip occurs simultaneously with output of a contact signal from the limit switch.


Establish interlock system at assembly line by connecting the signals from limit switch to external devices such as PLC (Programmable logic controller). Limit switch can alternatively be connected to CNA-4mk3 to create tightening count management system.


Tohnichi has changed the locker design from old circled shape to the new hexagonal shape and this could prevent the torque screwdriver from rolling and unexpected dropping. Lockers are important parts that maintain alignment of readings.


RTDLS models are adjustable type with torque scale. LS wrenches are supplied with a durable curl cord. Compliant with calibration procedures of ISO 6789 Type II Class D.




  • Rotary slip prevents over-torque.
  • Easy torque adjustment with scale.
  • Accuracy acc. to DIN EN ISO 6789 (Type II, Class D).
  • Curl cord can be extended to approx. 2m in full extension.
  • Limit switch specification is AC/DC 30V below 1A.
  • 1/4“ female hex insert for standard bits according to DIN 3126 E 6.3 / ISO 1173.
  • Traceable calibration certificate (ISO/JCSS).




  • Female connector for LS cable is sold separately (WA5219K).
  • English scale (lbf·in) available on request.
  • Auxiliary tightening tool for model 500 cNm can be attached (sold separately).
Model Part No. Torque Range cN·m Graduation cN·m Appl. Screw small Appl.Screw tapping Weight kg
RTDLS 120 CN T202013-LS 24 - 120 1 (M3.5) M3 (M3.5) 0.34
RTDLS 260 CN T202017-LS 52 - 260 2 M4 (M4.5) M4 0.45
RTDLS 500 CN T202020-LS 100 - 500 2.5 M5, M6 (M4.5) 0.54

The table shows the torque ranges specified by the manufacturer. Usage in the medium range (approx. 1/3 to 4/5 of rated capacity) is recommended. If you would regularly work close to the load capacity limit, a larger tool may be ergonomically more advantageous.


All technical data without guarantee, errors and omissions excepted.



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