Industrial Tools
Torque Systems

Tohnichi TDT3-G

Capacity 60 / 600 cNm

Ideal for Torque Screwdriver Testing


This high-accuracy digital torque screwdriver tester with loading device eliminates measurement errors. The loading device keeps stable measuring conditions to avoid reading errors.


Can also calibrate small capacity torque wrenches using optional TDTLA.


The measuring range is wide and applicable for various types of torque drivers. Comes with Pass/Fail judgment feature. Judgment results are shown in three colors (white/red/blue), for easy result recognition.


Key Features


  • Bi-directional measuring – CW and CCW
  • Measuring modes: Peak, Run (Track)
  • Status indication in 3 colors (white/blue/red)
  • Accuracy ± 1% + 1 digit
  • Upper/Lower Limit: 10 settings
  • Statistical processing: samples, max, min, mean value
  • Memory for 1000 readings (99 in M99 mode)
  • RS232C / USB output for serial data transfer to printer or PC


Shipping List


  • Torque Tester TDT3
  • AC adaptor BA-6
  • Loading device STA for testing torque screwdrivers (e.g. LTD and RTD)
  • Clamp block
  • Operating Manual
  • Calibration Certificate


Optional Accs


  • PC cable D-Sub 9 pin #383
  • Excel receiver software (via download) *
  • Loading device LTA for direct reading torque screwdrivers (e.g. FTD, STC etc.)
  • Loading device TDTLA3 for calibrating small torque wrenches
  • Thermal line dot printer EPP16M3
  • Printer cable #382
  • Li-Po battery pack BP-100-4
  • Calibration kit TDTCL
Model Item No. Torque Range [cN·m] Torque Range [ozf·in] Torque Range [lbf·in] Torque Range [kgf·cm] Hex.drv [inch] Weight [kg]
TDT60CN3-G T252001 2 - 60 3 - 80 0.2 - 5 0.2 - 6 1/4 11
TDT600CN3-G T252002 20 - 600 30 - 800 2 - 50 2 - 60 1/4 11

f = female, m = male

* Excel Receiver software is a data input tool for Excel® data management. It can be downloaded for free. Note: Excel® is a registered trademark of the Microsoft Corporation.

All specifications without guarantee, errors and omissions excepted.

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