Industrial Tools
Torque Systems

Torque Test Bench Z-Pro TTB

for torque wrenches 0.5 - 1355 Nm, Accuracy ± 0.25%

EC Calibration Bench for Torque Wrenches


The EC Calibration Device for torque wrenches is characterized by high torque accuracy, an exemplary sensitive and freely programmable control of the servo drive as well as a simple and uncomplicated software parameterization. The system is just as suitable for the hard daily work for the examination of a large number of torque wrenches as for fastidious torque analyses in the QA laboratory.


The calibration device provides the necessary metrological characteristics and driving procedures to accomplish tests according to EN ISO 6789 (2017) or other test methods. The operator is allowed to program his test procedures freely and conduct tests or calibrations automatically.


The different measuring sensors were accommodated in a LED storage, which is equipped with approximation sensors, so that the operator uses always clearly the measuring sensor suitable for the test specimen. The software integration of the LED storage prevents possible operator errors. Changing the measuring sensors is quick and easy. There are different industry standard (IS) transducers for selection in the torque range from 5 inch-pounds to 1000 foot-pounds.


Key Features


  • Automatable calibration according to EN ISO 6789
  • Freely programmable calibrating and testing methods
  • Customizable calibration cert templates
  • Recognized as a calibration standard
  • Software-integrated LED shelf for measuring sensors
  • Fast and uncomplicated changing of the measuring sensors
  • Touchscreen monitor with industry PC
  • Editable software according to customer requirements
  • Software password protection and permissions per user
  • Data export (formats by arrangement)
  • Comprehensive input options for individual control of the servo-drive for optimum torque development
  • Joystick with a step function in manual operating mode
  • Up to 160 cm retractable reaction arm for long torque wrenches
  • Spring-loaded exact adjustable brace on reaction arm
  • Robust and solid workmanship of all components


The fully automated testing or calibration of torque wrenches in accordance with EN ISO 6789 or even individual test methods can be confgured on the very operator-friendly software interface. The individual test methods include, among other things the ability to parameterize the torque ramp pre-tightening and end-tightening, so differing from the EN ISO 6789 (between 80% - 100% of the target within 1 s to 4 s) a different torque / angle-time ratio can be parameterized. Furthermore, the servo drive of the calibration device can be controlled very sensitively via the joystick or the torque can be applied with an individually adjustable pacing.


The manifold possibilities of this calibration device make it a very fexible and practical torque measurement system. Readings can be transferred via USB interface to customized ERP and QA systems. Calibration certifcates e.g. are individually created in Excel, or be generated by the in-house QA software using the data import. Pics of the test objects can be deposited in the software, so that the operator receives also a visual alignment apart from the technical information. This means additional operator comfort and effcient working. Bar code readers and bar code printers are optionally available. Remote maintenance via software RAC (Remote Access Control) is available by internet.


Optional Accessories


  • Keyboard Swivel Arm
  • 2D Barcode Scanner
  • 2D Barcode Label Printer
  • Lockable Drawer Cabinet
  • B/W Laser Printer

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