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Yokota Electronic Tool Controller YETC

for EC System Wrenches

Electronical Torque & Pulse Controller


The VDI Directive 2862 for the use of Tightening Systems in the Automobile Industry is classifying bolt joints into three precise categories. The directive also is a guideline for the selection and the use of suitable assembly tools or tightening systems.


According to the directive security related bolt joints shall be counted, documented and of course be tightened with the proper preload force. To achieve this Yokota equipped the impulse wrenches with an integrated transducer. In combination with Yokota's electronical controller YETC torque values can be controlled, monitored and, of course, recorded. The also monitored pulse number refers as a second parameter. An exact parameterization to individual joint characteristic (soft/hard) is feasible.


Yokota's YETC controller measures, judges, counts and documents all tightened joints and if neccessary, files them in a computer. Communication between the controller and the computer increases the number of capabilities. The controller is especially designed for the requirements of a process-proof system. The YETC provides wide programming capabilities for individual adjustment to the joint parameters. The improved electronics enables even more accurate and faster torque calculations. The programmable monitoring of bolt groups allows the changing from group to group, without operating the controller. An activating by external signals is also feasible, e.g. by a socket change box.


Hence the Yokota system wrench controller YETC fully supports the implementation in a Poka-Yoke System: Zero-Error accept, Zero-Error assemble, Zero-Error passing.


The YETC controller is available in different versions for all kinds of application and can be programmed in numerous ways to meet the requirements. An input/output terminal enables various auxiliary uses, like integration in the production line or light signal stack etc. This modular designed and expandable system can be configured and installed as required individually. Optionally the controller is available also in a networkable equipment version (LAN).


Features YETC-... ETB


  • Easily to program according to application parameters.
  • Improved electronics with fast 32-bit processing architecture.
  • Torque calculation over several impulses (average).
  • Compensation pulses for reduced subsidences (on soft joints).
  • Poka Yoke: error-proof assembly.
  • 2-step tightening optionally.
  • 8 groups programmable at different parameter sets.
  • 1 x AC, 2 x DC 24V solenoid valve output.
  • 36-pin parallel interface (Centronics).
  • 25-pin serial interface (RS-232).
  • 8 points input terminal / 8 non-voltage output relays.
  • Standard 1 tool controller. Optionally available as 4 tool model. With latter up to 4 impulse wrenches with different torque adjustment and programming can be attached to the same controller (alternate use).


Additional Features YETC-... EA


  • Bi-directional communication.
  • Automatic group change (programmable sequence).
  • Real time clock (date & time).
  • Built-in timer (for job).
  • Statistics functionality, process ability factors Cp and Cpk.
  • Circular memory for 10,000 cycles


Additional Features YETC-... EA-L


  • Ethernet 100 BASE-TX/10 BASE-T, autodetect.
  • Protocol TCP/IP.
  • LAN port 8P8C (RJ-45).
  • 9-pin serial interface (RS-232C) instead of 25-pin port.
All specifications without guarantee, errors and omissions excepted.

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