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Yokota Tool Controller YTC-3

for nil error assembly

Optimized Clamping Force by Electronically Controlled Shut-Off


The Poka Yoke concept of error source inspection particularly applies in production lines. Poka Yoke aims to discover and avoid mishandlings as for example forgotten tightening or double bolting or premature releasing of the trigger.


This system is controlled by measuring the air pressure at the inlet side of the air motor. This air pressure varies from free running to impulsing. By this measured air pressure the controller detects contact of the bolt head. Upon contact, the adjustable timer initiates the shut-off signal. Adjustability of the timer takes care of adoption to either hard or soft joints. Similar, the controller detects double hits and trigger release before shut-off.


Conventional shut-off nutrunners already interrupt the force transmission during the rising part of the torque curve (2). The YTC-3 controller achieves optimal clamping force by controlled switching off within the horizontal range of the process curve. It creates „sensitive“ screw connections and minimizes the risk of loose boltings. The system is more accurate than mechanical switching off nut runners and standard impulse tools. The torque is adjusted at the impulse mechanism. Combined with the monitoring parameters of the YTC-3 the system achieves a reliable shut-off.


System Features


  • Poka Yoke: Direct error prevention.
  • Electronically controlled shut-off.
  • Detection of double hit.
  • Detection of damaged thread.
  • Detection of premature trigger release.
  • Indication of oil deterioration.
  • Group monitoring with manual or automatic group change.
  • Integrable to assembly line (DC 24V).
  • Both visible and audible signalization of „OK“ or „NG“.
  • Password protection.


Controller Features


  • Power supply: AC 220-240 V, 50/60 Hz
  • Power consumption: max. 10 W
  • Signal input: 8 x COM
  • Relay output: 4 x non-voltage (opening/shutting cap.: max. DC-48W, AC-220VA)
  • Solenoid valve output: 1 x DC-24V, 2 W
  • Dimensions: 71 x 152 x 175 mm (Front Panel: 71 x 178 mm)
  • Weight: 1.8 kg

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