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Torque Systems

Yokota Y-JQ series

Torque Range 12 / 30 / 270 Nm

PokaYoke Impulse Wrench with Controlled Shut-Off


The Yokota YJ series impulse wrenches with double chamber air motor achieve the required torque very quickly. These tools generate a higher number of impulses per second, and therefore very accurate torques can be realised, resulting in increased production speed.


Yokota impulse wrenches are widely used for tightening jobs in the assembly industry, where accurate torque tolerances are necessary. Impulse tools are light, powerful, small and very importantly, have no kick-back. Evaluation of tightening processes in car assembly shows that tightening joints uses 10% of the total assembly time. Working with faster tools therefore can speed up assembly lines substantially.


In combination with the Poka Yoke controller YTC-3 predefined monitoring parameters will effect an optimized clamping force by electronically controlled shut-off. Applying reaction-free Yokota impulse wrenches at the assembly line will also reduce the RSI risk significantly.


Key Features


  • Prepared for air pressure monitoring.
  • High speed double chamber air motor.
  • Unique Yokota Twin Blade Impulse Technology reduces noise and vibration level.
  • Generates a high number of impulses per second thus a high accuracy with a shorter production cycle time is achieved.
  • Allowing oil-reduced operating.
  • Air treatment unit should be switched-in to decrease wear and maintenance needs.
  • Rubber protection cover is available as an option.
Series Y-JQ
Model * Item No. Sq.D [inch] Hx.D [inch] Bolt Capacity Free Speed [1/min] Torque Range [N·m] Air Cons. [l/s] Weight [kg] Hose Diam. [mm]
Y-41A-JQ 430310 1/4 M4 - M6 9300 6 - 12 5.0 0.73 6.5
Y-46A-JQ 430321 1/4 M5 - M6 8000 16 - 26 5.8 0.87 6.5
Y-46E-JQ 430320 3/8 M5 - M6 8000 16 - 30 5.8 0.87 9.5
Y-90E-JQ 430360 1/2 M10 - M12 5000 78 - 116 8.3 1.85 9.5
Y-140-JQ 430390 3/4 M16 3300 160 - 270 13.1 3.20 12.7

*) The 3/8” and 1/2” square drive models feature a locking pin enabling fast change of sockets. Specified technical data are measured on the Yokota torque tester series YET at a dynamic air pressure of 0.63 MPa.

All specifications without guarantee, errors and omissions excepted.

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