Industrial Tools
Torque Systems

Yokota YS-e Series

Capacity 20 / 35 / 50 / 60 Nm

Battery System E-Wrench – Hybrid Technology


Yokota impulse wrenches are powerful, very accurate and most important, have no kick-back. Yokota system e-wrenches have a built-in torque transducer and angle-encoder on the main shaft and is wireless connected to a controller. The Yokota battery system e-wrench is the perfect solution for applications where cables or hoses are disruptive, but you still need to have all data checked, controlled and documented.


Wireless communication with the control unit WU-1 for up to 10 meters. Each controller can be paired with up to 4 independently operating battery system e-wrenches. For data-collection, the controller is equipped with a RJ-45 connector for LAN Ethernet TCP/IP.


Optional Display DC-1 shows tightening result (OK / NG and torque level reached) and either the free running angle, the tightening angle or the number of bolts and number of impulses. Connection to the WU-1 controller by means of cable with 5 meter length (included in delivery).


The one hand operable YS-e generates low vibration and low noise levels. A diode light facilitates finding of the screw and/or nut. Its high performance lithium ion battery is pushed in horizontally and secured by a clip lock against slipping out. At too low battery level the tool will immediately stop to ensure process reliability.


Applying reaction-free Yokota impulse wrenches at the assembly line also reduces the RSI risk significantly. As a result, the number of sick notes attributed to problems of the musculoskeletal system declines noticeably, the acceptance by the operator increases significantly.


Key Features


  • WiFi data connection (IEEE802.11n)
  • Complete freedom of movement by use of batteries
  • High speed fastening
  • Acoustic and LED signals for tightening status indication
  • No kick-back
  • Electric (brushless) servo drive freely rpm adjustable
  • Angle monitoring / controlled torque
  • 100% check on tightening abnormalities like cross thread, double hit, etc.


Shipping List


  • Impulse Tool (without battery)
  • Operating Manual


Optional Accs


  • Battery BPL-1820 (18V Li-Ion 2 Ah)
  • Charger BC0075G (ca. 60-70 Min.)
  • Wireless Unit WU-1
  • Programming Console PC-1
  • Display DS-1
Series YS-E
Model Item No. SqDrv
Torque Range
Free Speed
w Batt
Noise Level
YS-e600 430100 3/8 7 - 20 1200-4800 214 1.75 2.5 72
YS-e800 430102 3/8 15 - 35 1200-4800 219 1.80 2.5 76
YS-e900 430104 3/8 30 - 50 1200-4800 226 1.90 2.5 78
YS-e950 430105 3/8 40 - 60 1200-4800 226 1.94 2.5 78
All specifications without guarantee, errors and omissions excepted.

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