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ZEMO Ratcheting Tube Wrench RTW

Centre Line: miscellaneous

for dovetail preset torque wrenches


Interchangeable ratcheting tube wrench head with SR dovetail connector. These type of ratchets is ideal for tightening of cap nuts on brake pipes, oil pressure lines or control lines etc. The clamping jaws are folded over the nut. Linear moveability of the jaws enables ratchet function. Suitable for Sturtevant Richmont preset torque wrenches series LTC.


Interchangeable heads with the same centre line may be interchanged among themselves arbitrarily, without needing the torque wrench to be adjusted again. Vice versa, on interchanging heads with differing centre lines, the torque wrench must be individually adjusted in each case!




  • Double hex point force transmission
  • SR dovetail connector with outstanding rigidity and wear resistance
  • Centre line due to model
  • Alloy Steel, black finished, partially chrome plated




  • Other A/F widths, also inch sizes, available on request.
Model Item No. A/F
Max. Torque
FM-10 STA R712338 10 27 70 22 7 - -
FM-11 STA R712276 11 27 70 24 7 - -
FM-13 STA R712339 13 32 70 25 7 - -
FM-14 STA R712359 14 35 70 26 8 - -
FM-17 STA R712275 17 85 70 32 10 - -
FM-19 STA R712320 19 100 70 34 10 - -
FM-22 STA R712333 22 130 70 40 13 - -
FM-24 STA R712340 24 145 80 43 14 - -
FM-27 STA R712332 27 170 95 50 16 - -
All specifications without guarantee, errors and omissions excepted.

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