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ZEMO Special Hex Drive Head

Common Centre Line: 3 7/8 inch

Interchangeable hex drive head similar to DIN 911, with Sturtevant Richmont dovetail connector. Ideal for use when an internal hex drive fastener is to be tightened. Suitable for Sturtevant Richmont clicker type torque wrenches CCM-400 and CCM-600 or series LTC.


The unique SR dovetail design used to join head and wrench provides an exceptionally strong connection and allows complete interchangeability. The SR system contributes to both operational flexibility and enhancing your return on investment!


To achieve constant torque values when changing heads, exact lever length must be maintained. Virtually all SR heads share a precise distance from end of wrench to center of fastener. This is referred to as a “Common Center Line” and is very difficult to maintain using the cut and weld construction method.




  • Six point force transmission
  • SR dovetail connector with outstanding rigidity and wear resistance
  • Centre line 3 7/8 inch
  • Alloy Steel, black finished, partially chrome plated
Model Item No. A/F
Max. Torque
S-HD 12 R712385 12 360 39
S-HD 14 R712319 14 450 49
S-HD 17 R712386 17 590 63
S-HD 19 R712453 19 600 70
All specifications without guarantee, errors and omissions excepted.

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