Assembling Pliers

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Pneumatic Pliers

for special applications

You need special pliers for a particular operation? Let us configure your Special Pliers according to application. We will be happy to create a custom quote.

  • for coiling and sliding-on special fuel hoses
  • for installing chain locks
  • for installing hollow rivets
  • for pressing or placing plastic stopper
  • for setting ground terminals
  • for installing securing clips
  • for mounting hole amplifier jacks
  • for punching or notching
  • for marking sheet metals
  • for pressing-in hinge pins
  • for prestretching hand brake levers
  • for sreading running rails etc.
  • for expanding cable passages
  • punch pliers
  • for bringing-in broad cuts
  • for bending wire eyelets

Special Pneumatic Pliers

Precondition for the proper performance of our pneumatic pliers is 6 bar mains pressure and a compressed air maintenance unit.