Pneum. System ZEMO

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High-End Tightening Control System

The multifunctional applicable controller CONTROL Professional+ is qualified for manual work stations, automatic stations as well as multi-channel system solution. For Yokota system impulse wrenches following different variants are available;

  • Angle, Torque and Pulse controlled Yokota system impulse wrench with additionally integrated status LED, automatic tool detection and parameterization for security related screw joints acc. VDI/VDE directive 2862, class A.
  • Torque and pulse count controlled Yokota system impulse wrench (external automatic tool detection and parameterization).
  • Torque and pulse count controlled Yokota system impulse wrench.

With CONTROL Professional+ you are facing a high-end controller for the direct measuring of Torque, Angle and Pulse Count. The impulse tool is controlled, monitored and reproducible shut off by the different thightening methods, parameterized to your specifications. For direct measuring of torque and angle the wrench is equipped with strain gauges as well as an angle sensor.

The directly via strain gauges measured torque readings resp. counted number of impulses as well as the digital rotation angles are shown on the large graphic multi-functional display, additionally shown as an operation curve. Also the result of the OK/NG judgement of the tightening is visualised on the production screen. The control field indicators „Torque“ and „Angle“ of limit value monitoring are showing the status of the measured torque and angle readings.

For documentation resp. communication the CONTROL Profesional+ provides ability to store readings to the on-board memory, export them via the printer port or via the PC interface or via the Pro-Bus, or storing them to the included CF card. Optionally an ethernet port is available (TCP/IP). Additionally the controller provides a comfortable statistics function integrated to the unit.

Optional Components

  • Program select switch for direkt and assured program selection.
  • Signal lamp for status indication and key switch for NG release.
  • Rugged printer for industrial environment.
  • I/O extension Comfort; easy to use comfortable extension to the controller by 8 imputs and 8 outputs. Power supply via controller or if required via optional mains adaptor.
  • ControlPro+ Software for configuration, programming, parameterization, monitoring up to 10 controllers. (Customised applications are realisable at any time.)
  • ControlPro+ database is a consequent add-on to the software MultiControl for traceable documentation of production data. It ensures a continuous backup of the production and is the basis for optimisation of the assembling processes.


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