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Crane TCI-2 Lineside Controller


The ALL-NEW TCI-2 lineside tool controller offers improved management and control of our digital torque wrenches with a host of new features. Up to 5 WrenchStar Multi or IQWrench3 torque wrenches can be connected to the TCI-2 at the push of a button, for use in assembly and production applications.


Unlike traditional tool controllers, the TCI-2 does not need to be located close to the tools it is managing. It also acts as a guaranteed communication point for the end-users MES (Manufacturing Execution System) software. The TCI-2 can be connected anywhere on a network and if a connected wrench should go offline or out of range, the controller will ensure that the MES will always have an end point to communicate with.
Setting up the wrenches with individual jobs or sequences on the TCI-2 lineside controller is simple. Torque results and readings are communicated back to the TCI-2 which can be viewed on a PC or web page browser. The TCI-2 also has a web status page that allows the user to monitor all wrench connections and operations currently underway.


The TCI-2 also facilitates Curatas Wrench Control workstations, allowing operators to easily switch between torque wrenches with varying torque spans, to complete whole or part assemblies with ease.


Key Features


  • Controls both WrenchStar Multi and IQWrench3 digital torque wrenches from Crane
  • TCI-2 enables communication with users system
  • Communication methods include: Open Protocol, MQTTS, XML and CIFS file transfer
  • Commands sent to the network via Ethernet or via selectable WiFi; 5Ghz or 2.4Ghz
  • Connected via an IP address and a port number
  • Can connect to up to 5 wrenches simultaneously
  • LED status of connection to the host and wrenches
  • Easy Job/Pre-sets configured via a Web Browser
  • HTTP content serve via HTTPS encrypted connection
  • Connected wrench autonomy with no data loss


Order Code


  • C718673 = TCI-2

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