Industrial Tools
Torque Systems

Torque Analyzers

Here you will find 'stand-alone' testers for various torque applications; e.g. for spot checks on torque wrenches and drivers, for adjusting impulse tools, angle nutrunners and screwdrivers, or also for bottle caps, potentiometers and similar.


  • Torque Gauges
    - torque span 0.05 ... 200 cNm
    - for testing precision mechanical or electronic components, e.g. small motors, encoders, potentiometers, etc.
    - for testing fine torque drivers
    - also for orthodontic springs, etc.


  • Torque Meters
    - torque span 0.002 ... 2000 cNm
    - For testing bottle caps, e.g. on medicine or cosmetics containers, beverage bottles or food jars, etc.
    - also for testing starting torque, spring force, torsion, etc.


  • Torque Testers
    - for torque drivers 2 ... 600 cNm
    - for torque wrenches 0.04 ... 1100 Nm
    - for impulse tools, screwdrivers, nutrunners up to 500 Nm

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