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Pneumatic Special Pliers

for special applications


Pneumatically driven pliers considerably facilitate repetitive and/or force-intensive motion sequences. Based on decades of experience in industrial and commercial applications, we design and manufacture recognised high-quality pneumatic pliers (formerly KEL-/Schwab-Design) in Hamburg. They are successfully used in a wide variety of operations - for cutting, crimping, pressing, punching, spreading, punching, stretching ... and much more.


Configure your special pliers together with us according to your application. Our technical consultant will be pleased to provide you with competent information. Please do not hesitate to contact our specialist. 


Application Examples


  • Slotting and sliding on special fuel hoses
  • Mounting of chain locks
  • Mounting of hollow rivets
  • Setting earth clamps
  • Fitting of safety clamps
  • Fitting hole reinforcing bushes
  • Punching or notching
  • Marking of sheet metal
  • Pre-stretching hand brake levers
  • Spreading of running rails etc.
  • Widening of cable grommets
  • Punching
  • Making wide cuts
  • Bending wire eyelets
  • Compressing wire hooks on stone baskets (gabions)

and much more.


Note: Prerequisite for the proper operation of our air pliers is 6 bar mains pressure and an air maintenance unit.

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