Industrial Tools
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SMC Air Lubricators

for precise lubrication of machine parts

From size 30, the oil supply can be topped up under pressure. Simple and precise adjustment. With a small air inlet spraying takes place.


For optimum functioning of the lubricator, the hose length between the lubricator and the air tool is a maximum of 8 meters. With longer hoses or when using a hose reel, the lubricator does not lubricate the air motor.


Automatic lubrication ensures steady lubrication in the right quantity and saves you the purchase of lubricants through metering. In addition, this means less scrap and maintenance of your pneumatic tools or machines, i.e. fewer malfunctions and costs. This benefits safety in the factory and also protects the environment.


SMC‘s ALDU series is a central lubrication with a spray range of up to 200 meters. This means that you only need to set and monitor 1 lubricator. This prevents errors and can reduce oil consumption by 80-90%. Good for your air tools, wallet and environment. You can also continue to use your hose reels in this way. 


Do you have an oiler in a hard-to-reach place, e.g. high on a pneumatic hoist? Then we recommend the combination ALF / ALT series from SMC. The ALF oiler is automatically filled from the ALT oil tank. 


Note: See also SMC filters and pressure regulators for proper compressed air preparation. Consider the air consumption of your machine when properly selecting your SMC combination. Refer to the technical specification: Nl / min (Normal liters per minute). Take into account the use of several compressed air tools at the same time.

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