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SMC‘s AC-B series consists of modular air filter sets, pressure regulators and lubricators that allow you to optimise the air quality and operating pressure of your system.




  • Double-walled construction: container protection made of transparent polycarbonate. Visible 360° all around, lighter weight and corrosion protected.
  • Interchangeable with existing AC series by assembling individual components.
  • Element construction integrated into the container, element and cup form a whole. Built-in pressure gauge and switch of your choice:
    -     Square, built-in pressure gauge
    -     Attached, round pressure gauge
    -     Digital pressure regulator
  • Material of the container of your choice:
    -     Polycarbonate – standard model
    -     Metal model – with and without level indicator
    -     Nylon




  • Transparent container: clearly visible liquid level
  • Quick filter change and easy filling with oil
  • Cup with bayonet closure: easy operation, quick and easy maintenance
  • Nylon container: resistant to chemicals and other substances
  • Metal container: robust, shockproof and resistant to chemicals
  • Built-in pressure gauge: solid construction without protruding parts




  • All equipment for air treatment in all sectors with pneumatic applications. Important industrial sectors:
  • Vehicle construction
  • Workshops
  • Mechanical Engineering




  • Further connection combinations
  • Automatic drain (order no. + CE instead of E). For proper functioning, the drain line should have a minimum diameter of 8 mm and be no longer than 5 m.
  • Filter fineness 2, 10, 20, 40, 70, 100 µ
  • Metal or nylon container.


Note: In case of most severe mechanical and/or chemical stress, it is recommended to use metal containers, which offer a very high degree of protection. Polycarbonate containers can be attacked by certain acids.

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