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Sturtevant Richmont Handle Extension Tube

for 600 lbf·ft (~800 Nm) capacity SR Clicker Torque Wrenches

The Option that Pays Big Dividends!


The Handle Tube Extension changes the length of SR preset and adjustable torque wrenches of 600 lbf·ft (≈800 Nm) capacity tools. It provides serious ergonomic advantage for higher torque application.




Ideal for use when:

  • 450 foot-pounds of torque or more is to be applied
  • There are a number of fasteners to be tightened
  • The user is of a moderate body mass or there is the likelihood of fatigue of the user from the application of the torque or both.


Works with 600 lbf·ft capacity SR adjustable and preset torque wrenches to reduce the effort required to achieve high torques. Installs and locks in place. Create a longer torque wrench by extending the lever length to reduce effort to attain selected torque.


How It Works


The Handle Extension Tube is designed and manufactured to provide a fixed-position engagement of the torque wrench when properly installed. This fixed-position locating, when combined with calibration after installation and proper force application at the marked location, allows the tool to function as though it were much longer.


The lever length of the tool is increased by the Handle Extension Tube, which means that the user will have to apply much less force to attain the torque than without the Handle Extension Tube. This is a significant asset when the user is of average body mass, has many fasteners to tighten, or both. The reduction in user effort is most noticeable at torque levels greater than 75% of tool capacity.




If this Handle Extension is to be used, the tool MUST be calibrated and/or preset with the Handle Extension installed. Failure to do so will result in inaccurate torque. Once the Handle Extension is installed, always apply force at the knurled portion of the Handle Extension when in use. Do not apply force in other locations along the Handle Extension during use, as this may result in inaccurate torque.


Compatible Tools


  • R810597 = 6SDR-600
  • R810598 = 6SDR-800NM
  • R810600 = 6SD-600
  • R810601 = 6SD-800NM
  • R810151 = LTCR-7200I
  • R810153 = LTCS-7200I
  • R810319 = SLTCR24FM-7200I
  • R810859 = SLTCS-7200I
  • R810860 = SLTCR-7200I


Ordering Information


  • R853363 = Handle Extension Tube

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