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Sturtevant Richmont SLTC Clicker Torque Wrench

Capacity 150 / 300 / 750 / 1800 / 3600 / 7200 lbf·in

Hardwired Tool Use Control


The hardwired preset clicker-type torque wrenches are based on Sturtevant Richmont's legendary LTC/LTCR/LTCS lines of preset torque wrenches. These tool add a tool use control to the accurate, repeatable and durable LTC group of tools by measuring time in the “clicked” position. This reduces operator technique variation through immediate reporting and reinforcement of correct use technique. These tools are ideal for those who wish in inexpensive and highly effective control and who have the PLC and knowledge resources to implement the communication and feedback system.


The tool's light weight and cushion grip provide excellent ergonomics and reduce the onset and level of operator fatigue. The ball bearing rockover mechanism enhances the accuracy, repeatability, and durability high-throughput assembly operations require! The torque can be set using any unit of torque measurement: Imperial, S.I., or metric.


Five of seven models use the incredibly strong SR dovetail and can be used with any of over 100 SR Interchangeable Heads. One tool featuring reversible ratchet use the SR slide pin ratchet, with it's legendary strength and maintenance simplicity.


Key Features


  • Accuracy of ± 4% of preset value from 20% to 100% of capacity meets or exceeds requirements of ASME B107.14 and ISO 6789.
  • Tamper-resistant torque setting mechanism design facilitates setting and discourages unauthorized torque setting change.
  • Lightweight coiled cord provides reach without excess weight or drag.
  • Microswitch closes when tool clicks and opens immediately when pressure is released.
  • Excellent audible and tactile impulse when preset torque is achieve.
  • Slender body facilitates use in constrained-access application.
  • Spiral cable with connector (sold separately) facilitates replacement if damaged. Plug is removable for wiring directly into PLC if desired.


Options / Accs / Spares


  • A separately available 2-core spiral cable enables easy access to the screw location without any significant additional weight or tensile resistance. The spiral cable can be ordered either with the flat-pole plug shown or with bare wires.
    with plug:
    #10440 = for SLTC-150i
    #10421 = for SLTC-300i...7200i
    with bare wires:
    #10442 = for SLTC-150i
    #10423 = for SLTC-300i...7200i
SLTC – Dovetail
Model Item No. Torque Range [N·m] Torque Range [lbf·in] Head Weight [kg] Handle
SLTC 150i R 810854 3.4 - 17 30 - 150 Dovetail 0.3 Soft
SLTC 300i R 810855 6.8 - 34 60 - 300 Dovetail 0.4 Soft
SLTC 750i R 810856 17 - 85 150 - 750 Dovetail 0.6 Soft
SLTC 1800i R 810857 41 - 203 360 - 1800 Dovetail 0.7 Soft
SLTC 3600i R 810858 81 - 406 720 - 3600 Dovetail 2.5 MG
SLTC – Square Drive / Ratchet
Model Item No. Torque Range [N·m] Torque Range [lbf·ft] Sq Drv [inch] Ratchet [inch] Weight [kg] Handle
SLTCS 7200i R 810859 163 - 813 120 - 600 3/4 3.2 MG
SLTCR 7200i R 810860 163 - 813 120 - 600 3/4 3.6 MG
  • 816999 = RRK-3/4 Ratchet Renewal Kit


Table showing specifications by the manufacturer. It is recommended to primarily use in moderate performance range (approx. 1/3 to 4/5 of rated capacity). If you regularly worked close to the limit of load (maximum capacity), a larger model or tool might be more advisable.


MG = Knurled Metal Grip.


All technical data without guarantee, errors and omissions excepted.

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