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Sturtevant Richmont HT Holding Tool

FM 2.4 GHz XBee

Radio Equipped Holding Wrench


Your company may call them back up tools, holding tools, or holding wrenches. If you understand the need to hold a hose or a fastener part while torquing a fastener, you are in the right place.


Hydraulic hose assembly has vexed engineers since hydraulic hoses were invented. Hoses have become stronger and connections have become more consistent. But in many cases, hydraulic connections still leak.


To prevent leaking and the high cost of warranty claims and rework, Sturtevant Richmont created a new error-proofing solution specifically for hydraulic hose installations.


The Sturtevant Richmont innovative holding wrenches combine the robust technology of our XBee FM 2.4 GHz radios with the high reliability of our SLTC and LTC click wrenches. The newly engineered design ensures the holding wrench performed the task for which it was created and it provides feedback to the operator.


Built with the same design as our other click wrenches the flattened case and the bearing supported mechanism ensure repeatability and durability of the highest order.


And, the Global 400 reads the radio signal and a fastener can only be compliant when both the application wrench AND the holding wrench determine the job was done properly.


Compatible Products


  • Global 400
  • Global 400mp
  • 1200 Exacta 2
  • 1250 Exacta 2
  • SLTC 2.4 FM
  • PST 2000
  • PST 1200
Model Item No. Length [inch] Length [mm] Weight [lbs] Weight [kg] Grip
HTS 13 R810673 13 330 1.9 0.86 Vinyl
HTL 20 R810674 20 508 4.9 2.22 Vinyl

All specifications without guarantee, errors and omissions excepted.

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