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Tohnichi CMQSP Marking Torque Wrench

Capacity 25 / 50 / 100 / 140 Nm

Colour Marking Preset Torque Wrench for Cap Screw Tightening


A mark is made on the tightened cap screw and an adjacent location on your work. This lets you check for subsequent loosening. A marking torque wrench for tightening cap screws, which prevents human tightening errors.


Upon reaching the set torque the marker is designed to stamp on the bolt and work. Because the stamped mark is put on the side of the bolt and the work piece, it can not only prevent missed tightening but also detect loosening of bolts. The marker is designed to stamp only when the torque wrench operates upon reaching the set torque.


Marking stays on by use of quick dry ink. One refill of ink is capable of approximately 3,000 times of stamping. Marker is ink cartridge type. Only hand force required for tightening a bolt and marking the bolt simultaneously. Applicable for international use including the EU region. Compliant with ISO 6789 Type II Class B calibration procedures.




  • Ratchet head w 24 teeth and 15° operating range
  • Tightening and marking in a single operation
  • Quick dry ink
  • Approx. 3000 stamps/refill
  • Compliant with EN ISO 6789:2017
  • Preset torque on request


Scope of Supply


  • Torque Wrench CMQSP
  • 2 hex drive bits (1x spare)
  • Hex bit adjusting tool
  • Marker head & Marker case
  • Traceable calibration certificate (JCSS)
  • Instruction manual


Options / Accs / Spares


  • Marker ink:
    - No. 776 = white # T286070
    - No. 777 = yellow # T286071

  • Solvent:
    - No. 794 # T286079

  • Spare Hexagon Bit:
    - No. 724 = M6 # T286001
    - No. 725 = M8 # T286002
    - No. 726 = M10 # T286003
    - No. 727 = M12 # T286004

  • Torque Adjusting Tool:
    - No. 931 # T289931
    - No. 930 # T289930

  • Marker Head:
    - No. 792 # T286060

  • Ratchet Repair Kits (RRK)
CMQSP (preset)
Model Item No. Torque Range [N·m] Torque Range [lbf·in] A/F [mm] optional Adjusting Tool No. Weight [kg]
CMQSP M6 T212521 5 - 25 44 - 220 5 #931 0.85
CMQSP M8 T212522 10 - 50 88 - 440 6 #930 0.85
CMQSP M10 T212523 20 - 100 177 - 885 8 #930 1.1
CMQSP M12 T212524 30 - 140 265 - 1240 10 #930 1.2

The table shows the torque ranges specified by the manufacturer. Usage in the medium range (approx. 1/3 to 4/5 of rated capacity) is recommended. If you would regularly work close to the load capacity limit, a larger tool may be ergonomically more advantageous.


All technical data without guarantee, errors and omissions excepted.



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