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Sturtevant Richmont OE-SPH dovetail head

Common Centre Line see below

Introducing the SPH – Slim Profile Heads


Hydraulic assemblies come with their own unique set of challenges. Tight access is near the top of the list. Another challenge is ensuring that each and every hydraulic connector is compliant and the torque value is not changed while tightening another portion of the hydraulic connector. We built our Global 400 and Global 400mp wireless torque controllers as a part of that error proofing system.


Like everything we create, customer demand drove the creation of these interchangeable heads for torque wrenches. Some of our largest customers work with hydraulics as part of their build.


Our customers told us that they were grinding down our heads so they could fit in tight access points. Grinding down heads takes time, costs money, and there is no data on stress points. Plus, you may get some variances between grinding jobs.


As we designed the new heads, we ran computer simulated, and real-life lab testing on stress points. We were able to produce stronger heads with consistent dimensions. As always, we kept the common center line consistent. With accurate torque values critical to creating compliant hydraulic connections, the common centerline is vital to eliminating assembly variables.


The difference is in the "C" dimension. Take a look. In our world, the "C" dimension is the thickness of the portion of the interchangeable head that engages with the fastener.




  • 15 degrees opening offset
  • SR dovetail connector with outstanding rigidity and wear resistance
  • Common Centre Line
  • Cast Alloy Steel, black finished
OE SPH – Centre Line 1 7/16 inch
Model Item No. A/F [mm] max. Torque [N·m] max. Torque [lbf·in] C [mm] Centre Line [mm]
OE 13 SPH R 853912 13 35 5.9 36.5
OE 17 SPH R 853913 17 25 5.5 36.5
OE 19 SPH R 853871 19 45 4.4 36.5
OE 22 SPH R 853872 22 38 6.7 36.5
OE 24 SPH R 853873 24 71 6.4 36.5
OE 27 SPH R 853874 27 100 7.4 36.5
OE 30 SPH R 853875 30 103 7.5 36.5
OE 32 SPH R 853914 32 103 10.7 36.5
OE SPH – Centre Line 3 7/8 inch
Model Item No. A/F [mm] max. Torque [N·m] max. Torque [lbf·in] C [mm] Centre Line [mm]
OE 36 SPH R 853876 36 152 10.0 98.4
OE 41 SPH R 853877 41 260 9.7 98.4
OE 50 SPH R 853923 50 275 11.0 98.4

All specifications without guarantee, errors and omissions excepted.

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